Workshop Built: A New Growth Agency in Southern California

Robert Laplante
Aug 14, 2018 12:26:11 PM

This is us

Welcome to a new concept in business growth marketing. Today, we officially launched Workshop Built, Inc.,  a fresh, value-driven approach to sparking and supporting business growth. This concept is the product of my own entrepreneurial experience - both successful and otherwise. In the process of starting and growing several companies over the last 12 years, I've figured out what companies need and how to deliver it when they need it.  

The world probably doesn't need another typical "agency"

According to, an online directory that tracks marketing agencies, there are over 120,000 agencies in the United States alone. Now that figure covers the broadest possible definition of what makes up an agency, including research, PR, digital, creative, etc, etc… but still, that’s a big number of agencies!

What we're doing differently

We created Workshop Built and invested in acquiring the URL because we believe in the need for a new kind of agency. Businesses need growth and a lot of the agencies out there don’t really commit to undertaking an actual growth strategy. They most often transact in specific initiatives (think websites, logos, creative services, video production, etc). There's nothing wrong with delivering services in this way, but often the companies we serve require so much more to make those very things work as intended. It's all about the big picture and making sure every investment works within the overall strategy. 


We're opting for a different approach

While we do exist to make ‘things’ in the sense that we create, develop and produce beautifully designed and compelling experiences for our clients, we don’t do it on a transactional basis. We don't just make marketing "stuff" for businesses.

For instance, if you approached us about creating a new website for you, we’re going to have a lot of questions about what that site does, how it is expected to perform and why you think it needs to be redone. In our experience, 99 times out of 100, those questions will spark other important business questions. So, a dialogue is started and that’s exactly what Workshop is here for. Our mission is to help you grow, and to do that we want to understand your brand, your business and your goals.


Discovery and strategy jumpstarts growth

Realizing that it is probably not the best idea to spend days gathering information and having dialogue, we created a mechanism that lets us quickly collect, analyze and report information about your business. This is an invaluable tool that lets us show you how your core foundational pillars stack up against best practices (can you find the pillars on our website?). And, because we can gain a deep understanding quickly, we are in a great position to help build a growth strategy and begin executing it for you as a next step.

Workshop’s specialities reside in business process and systems, branding, sales and marketing… what we refer to as our Workshop Pillars. When built soundly, your business can scale soundly.

Last details

Workshop is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and we custom build integrated marketing and business systems with focus on your brand growth. Paired with world-class strategic and creative talent, we are an agency you won’t find anywhere else.

We have already started making an impact on our first few partner-clients' growth, and we can't wait to meet the businesses that need us as we grow with them.

Workshop is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner



Workshop can help

Find your brand's potential


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