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Aug 1, 2018 10:39:00 AM


In nature, growth happens when all elements align to form the perfect conditions. This also goes for your business. The right set of strategies and tools, neatly stacked, work together to meet and exceed customer expectations and drive meaningful and measurable business growth. Are your company’s systems fully integrated and optimized?

A growth-stack can be your ultimate competitive advantage. Tools and systems can make things better - if you choose wisely.

Knowing how your customers find you, how they arrive at a purchase decision and what you can do to improve those things—that’s the Holy Grail of a highly profitable business.

Some businesses have it figured out, but many leave money on the table. The reality is there are thousands of tools out there that promise help for making sense of it all. The thing is, they often aren’t customized for you or they simply don’t work together. And let’s face it, learning, maintaining and managing multiple systems is not a good use of your ultimate resource: time.

The smart way is a customized solution that shares a database throughout the entire customer journey—from traffic generation to closing the deal. And that database is also available on any device, on the go, at any time you need it.


The Growth Stack: Where marketing and sales become friends

HubSpot Growth Stack is a powerful, closed-loop suite of tools including Marketing Automation, Sales Enablement and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Each element integrates nicely and contributes to driving business growth that is measurable and predictable. We don’t just like HubSpot, we love it. Here’s our top three reasons:

  1. It’s easy - and dare we say - fun to use.
  2. Powerful. HubSpot has all the tools to make us better, faster and smarter.
  3. Connected and expandable. This is where the growth stack concept excels. Gather, report, access and analyze all of your data in one Hub.

When all your business, marketing and sales efforts are working together, good things will happen. For starters, your team will be more efficient. Typically sales cycles get quicker and that frees up valuable time to market and time to focus on what matters most—your customers. No more wasting time looking for data and connecting sales numbers to different tools.

Focus on the important things

A Growth Stack sets you up for success by doing much of the heavy lifting for you. Imagine being able to find data quickly and easily whenever you need it. Or accessing a quick report to see how your sales pipeline is looking next month. This is all made possible because HubSpot collects your business data while you work through their simple-to-use advanced tools that make mundane, time-consuming tasks fun and quick to execute.

Integrated with sales and CRM—you and your team will have full visibility on all your important leads, sales pipeline and marketing activities along with the entire customer journey. Accurately tracked and measured through powerful reporting and analytics that give you the big picture insights you need to create predictable, steady revenue and growth for your brand.


The big difference between working harder and working smarter lies in using a seamlessly integrated toolkit that creates a smooth and transparent sales pipeline and predictable outcomes.

HubSpot Growth Stack is a reliable suite of powerful tools that unifies your marketing activities sales, CRM and support. It will ensure that your marketing and sales teams are empowered to reach their goals easier and faster.

At Workshop, we know the value of time in today’s market, and we will make sure you can spend it on the bigger picture—build long-lasting, profitable brand relationships with your customers.

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Workshop is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and we custom build integrated marketing and business systems with focus on your brand growth. Paired with world-class strategic and creative talent, we are an agency you won’t find anywhere else. 



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