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One of the main people behind HubSpot’s rapid growth, their SVP Mark Roberge, approached his job differently from the traditional methods. He took the art of sales to a science by applying his analytical engineer thinking to devise a formula for sales success, called the Sales Acceleration Formula—a blueprint that helps countless businesses create scalable, predictable business revenue. Every sales leader should read this book.

Sales success stands and falls with your team

Here’s an almost perfect scenario. Let’s say your business has successfully adopted Automated Marketing for their lead generation—maybe it's even utilizing HubSpot’s Growth Stack already. Quality leads keep streaming in. Good for you!

Your marketing team easily scores, carefully nurtures, neatly preps your prospective customers and hands these off to your sales team—but this lead-to-customer conversion rate is still sub-par?

Well, in most cases, the biggest challenge businesses face is the task of scaling sales. You need the right talent that fits your organization. People who consistently close the deals you prepped so meticulously, or all your marketing efforts were for nothing.


Here's the sales acceleration formula that comes in. It all starts with the right questions...

“World-class sales hiring is the biggest driver of sales success.” Roberge uses metric-driven insight to solve what others have tried for years. He breaks down his formula into sales hiring, training, management and lastly, demand generation—all to define the ideal sales person.

Curiously, the traditional ability to close a deal is at the bottom of his list of criteria. Instead, the characteristics that predicted the most success were coach-ability, curiosity, prior success, intelligence and work ethic. All of these can be found in people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Take a long walk in your customer's shoes

Roberge’s Sales Training Formula proposes a systemized training program aligned with your specific buyer journey—the various stages along the marketing and sales funnel(s), from first awareness to purchase action.

Allow your sales team to find out how their consumers think and behave... this always helps people close a sale. This way, the customer's needs will always be front and center and can be supported during all aspects of the sales process.

Then, clearly define your customer journey with a list of qualifying criteria to ensure every team member understands when and where the potential customer needs help getting more info or help making the final decision.


Speed up your sales cycle in a major way. Close the loop in your digital marketing by aligning your sales team into shape—adopt the Sales Acceleration Formula to make the most of your marketing efforts. Your marketing and sales teams will love it—and so will your bottom line.

In software that supports this, HubSpot offers the most powerful digital marketing tools available—so you can convert more leads, close more deals and drive consistent revenue (a good place to start when their SVP wrote THE book on it). With Sales Acceleration, your business may just get that turbo boost it's been waiting for.

Let's talk business

We help infuse Mark Roberge’s blueprint into our inbound marketing approach (that's a big part of the funnel mentioned above). Workshop is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner and we custom build integrated marketing and business systems with focus on your brand growth. Paired with world-class strategic and creative talent, we are an agency you won’t find anywhere else.

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