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Aug 8, 2018 10:38:00 AM


Most businesses dream of a smooth and easy way to generate leads and revenue through their marketing—yet most of them still don’t get it right. Let’s talk about the best way to harness the true power of a marketing automation platform.

Find your fast track toward new customers. Lead nurturing and management isn’t supposed to be easy...

Imagine the effort and organization it takes to generate a constant stream of leads, then categorize, score and nurture them—and finally hand them over to your sales team when they are “ready”. Every day. Through every stage of the customer journey.

It’s an art, it isn’t easy to do this the right way. With all these considerations and options it is not surprising that most companies either struggle or fail with marketing automation. Popular reasons are insufficient, bad leads or poor alignment throughout the customer journey. That’s because you still need a solid overall inbound strategy, robust lead qualification criteria, ample targeted messaging and content, as well as the personal touch customers want and deserve.



A solid marketing strategy scales easily

When adopting a smart marketing automation platform, a solid strategy is critical for success. Your strategy needs to encompass everything from accurately integrating and measuring your website performance to channeling your customer data in the most useful ways to produce leads in both quantity and quality. This can lead to productive questions such as; Did you build out the right personas? Are your topic clusters organized effectively? When was the last time you tested your calls to action?

78% of successful marketers say that their company’s #1 overall revenue contributing driver is… drumroll please… Marketing Automation.

With great power comes great responsibility

Automation is run by software, but you are in the driver seat. Do you know how to use everything in your fully loaded cockpit? Inbound marketing has a lot of powerful features—from personalized email drip campaigns and social media integrations to customer segmentation tools and reporting dashboards. You’ll be able to see how to drive marketing automation and therefore, you’ll know how to drive revenue.

Businesses that have started using marketing automation to nurture their prospects now experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. **



Drive predictive revenue by automating lead nurturing and qualification. You’ll be converting more leads, because they’re hotter. Use a powerful business software platform to run your digital marketing. As this can be deeply integrated with your website, you can then accurately measure marketing results and produce a significant increase in leads that can be sorted, nurtured, guided and through the customer journey—automatically. All with the personal touch of your brand, and on a much faster pace.

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* SnapApp & The Lenskold Group:
**Business to consumer:

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