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Jul 26, 2018 8:04:00 AM

If you’ve been involved in launching a new website, you know that it can be a (sometimes long) and painful experience. So it’s no surprise that many businesses put it off or avoid it altogether. We don’t blame you. It’s true, the traditional web design process is expensive, complicated—and deeply flawed. But here’s some great news. There’s a smarter and more practical approach that will get your site to launch fast with a program to continually improve it from there.

Agile web design with full focus on business success 

Why take a huge risk if you can avoid it? Here are three reasons why you need to ditch the traditional web development process:

  1. It requires large upfront costs, for design and development, with excessive documentation and complex processes that take a huge amount of time. Time that your website is idle or “under construction”—which means it does not account for change or actual user data during that time frame.

  2. It requires way too much guesswork. How can anyone predict the actual user experience before it happens?

  3. It’s never going to be 100% on handoff. There’s just too many things to learn from real traffic that can make it better. Unfortunately, by that time, the traditional web designer will be long gone and you will be left to figure it out or pay more.

There must be a better way! And there is. 

how to build your website


Design websites for business-forward thinkers.

Growth Driven Design is not necessarily a whole new way of approaching web development, but it has advanced best practices to a unique business-centric approach that maximizes budget, effort and business value while minimizing risks and headaches.

First off, there is no sticker shock—due to a much smaller upfront expense. The majority of the budget flows into retainer-type increments for continuous improvement. After establishing your goals, web and user strategy, your site will launch in as little as 30 days.*

That’s the day your site starts collecting facts and metrics that inform all decisions and actions going forward. Every aspect of the site can be tested and validated against actual user data; and then be used to continually optimize your user experience, content, customer journey and sales cycle. Set up for flexible, strategic experimentation, your site will get more effective by the day.

How to build your website

Business impact that comes built-in.

Businesses that use Growth Driven Design effectively, consistently saw a significant increase in visitors and leads and more than 10% higher revenue six months after launch.* And since Growth Driven Design is an ongoing process, these numbers can only go up from there.


The demand for business websites that connects with both users and sales is vital in today’s business landscape. That’s where Growth Driven Design shines. It may not be the most familiar process to your business, but innovation starts at the end of one’s comfort zone. Proven by many businesses, this new way of web development will be worth the effort—much more so than the traditional way.

We at Workshop® lead you through your re-design with collective expertise and advice. And we fully integrate your new website with an Inbound Marketing Strategy for a powerful business solution that drives traffic, conversions and revenue.

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Workshop® UX strategists and marketers are certified by HubSpot in the Growth Driven Design Methodology. Together, we custom build integrated marketing and business systems with focus on your brand growth. Combined with our high-profile Workshop Creative Collective®, we are an agency you won’t find anywhere else.

Workshop is recognized as a top California Web Design Company on DesignRush. DesignRush ranks the top agencies in web design, digital marketing and more. 

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Workshop is a HubSpot Certified Growth-Driven-Design Agency Partner

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