Carlsbad Business Journal: Rewriting the Book for Business Strategy

Workshop Built
Dec 19, 2018 3:21:21 PM

This article was original published in the Carlsbad Business Journal

Rewriting the book for business strategy

This is an extraordinary time to be running a business. Access to powerful technology platforms, and large, engaged audiences has made previously unthinkable things not only possible, but relatively easy to implement.

It’s officially time to throw out the old rule book.

The days of big enterprise having all the advantages are gone. We have entered into a golden era where smart and motivated business visionaries can (and do) make big things happen.

But most smaller companies need help to get there.

Companies considering how to take advantage of this wave of potential often go about it the wrong way. The typical approach is to identify something that isn’t being done today and to go out and find an agency to help get that thing done. They tend to think in terms of tactics when they need to be thinking more strategically. And this is really how the industry is set up. There are lots of agencies out there... PR, creative, brand, marketing, media, digital. And a lot of them perform similar services. So...where the heck do you start?

Enter Workshop Built, Inc. growth agency located right here in Carlsbad. Workshop offers a fresh and unique take on marketing support. The approach is driven by goals and performance, not by simple service delivery. They get involved with your business in a meaningful way, with the idea of being your strategic and marketing arm. Instead of just offering transactional projects and tasks, Workshop dives into the details of your business to help build a customized Growth Readiness Plan (GRP), and they help you execute it all the way through.

“We’re usually approached by companies who come to us looking for something specific, like a rebrand, a website or a social media campaign” explains Robert Laplante, Founder and President. “Whenever I ask them why they want to do this or that, I always get an answer that starts a more important discussion about business needs.”

And that’s what Workshop is all about.

“We’re interested in helping companies get to the next level. Our model is deliberately built for that and that alone.”

Workshop starts every engagement with a GRP, a comprehensive review into your own business that uncovers your goals while revealing whether your business is optimized to meet them. This looks closely at what systems you’re using, your brand strength, your marketing programs and how you’re making sales.

Once you see how things exist today, it changes everything...for the better. Laplante adds, “Seeing your business in this way is always an eyeopener for our clients. They’re blown away because they can view everything in a different light and they’re excited because they can finally see the way forward. It’s a great experience." 

Workshop’s Growth Readiness Plan comes with a strategic plan and recommendations for achieving business growth. “This is a natural progression,” says Laplante. “We’re building trust and credibility in increments. That allows us to feel each other out and make sure this is a good fit for both sides.”

When it comes to service delivery, Workshop has a unique model there too. They run a program called The Workshop Collective that attracts and vets creative talent from here and around the world.

“Our clients get custom teams that are hand-picked from our collective of high-level creative, development and production talent. This gives us tremendous flexibility to deliver high level work at much lower costs than typical agencies doing similar work,” says Brian Botts, partner.

Workshop was awarded top Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego by HubSpot



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